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As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for entrepreneurs, startups, and teams we harmoniously architect + orchestrate technology that powers online business.

We work with clients throughout all phases... ramping up to launch, scaling for growth, and multi million dollar online businesses.

Ready to conquer technical challenges, enhance efficiency, drive business growth, and boost customer satisfaction?

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"Bryan is amazing and he's a web security genius."

  Pat Flynn - Online Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, and Podcaster

Resilient Technology

The FOUNDATION for Online Business

Speed Optimization

To ensure optimal performance for your visitors, customers, and team we tune your site(s) for ubiquitous SPEED. Expect us to optimize each layer. We continuously monitor dozens of metrics to ensure everything is running on all cylinders globally. Enhance customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Constant Stability

We reserve dedicated server capacity that is scalable to meet the evolving demands of your business and traffic patterns. Need a global content delivery network (CDN), resilient infrastructure for traffic surges, custom application load balancers, or even a database cluster? Not sure... we got you covered.

Fort Knox Security

We architect the technical foundation with a secure fortress throughout each layer of your systems architecture mitigating business risk. Our proactive security measures ensure you are continuously protected against the latest vulnerabilities. This is your business, we take it seriously.

Robust Solutions

Customized to ALIGN with Your Business

We Know Apps

We master the tools that propel online business. We LOVE WordPress, Smart Podcast Player, Zippy Courses, ConvertKit, CodeIgniter, PHP, Cloudflare, MaxCDN, AWS, Linode, Linux, and Nginx to name a few. Rely on us to certify and orchestrate the technology.


With abundant feature-rich web services and powerful API's available (application programming interface)... how can you align them with business goals? We have immense experience consuming API's to architect solutions that enhance business efficiency.

Custom (SaaS) Software

Should you develop your next software project on top of the WordPress CMS platform or build custom from the start? We can discuss your vision, make strategic recommendations, then follow through to commence implementation.


Feel the Love

Adam Baker

Adam Baker, Entrepreneur Man Vs Debt - Nerd Fitness

"The number one thing I look for in help with development and hosting is someone I can trust. And I trust Bryan with all my sites, their uptime, and any problems that should arise. He's been helping me for years and is kind, quick, and efficient with his time - which is a killer combo. He's my go-to man!"

Pat Flynn of

Pat Flynn, Entrepreneur

"Bryan is an integral part of the team behind my brand! We started working together after I had a massive attack on my website, which he saved me from, and ever since he's been making sure all technical systems are secure, fast and reliable. I highly recommend his services for anyone who is serious about building a successful business online!"

Todd R. Tressider of

Todd R. Tresidder, Founder

"Thank you so much for cutting my page load times by 75-90%. I appreciate your expertise and making this a seamless & pain free process for me. All the "experts" had conflicting opinions, but everything you said worked perfectly. I truly appreciate your help and how I can rely on you to sort complex technology issues that confound me into simple solutions that work."

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Unparalleled Expertise

Bryan, founder of BDology LLC (bee-dee-ology), has over fifteen years of experience in managing technical infrastructure, systems architecture, development, e-commerce, web security, integrations, and scaling web applications. With an education in Computer Science, coupled with an M.B.A. degree, Bryan excels in aligning technology with the business. Our sole focus is to work in unison with accomplished entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitious goals. You will receive comprehensive enterprise level solutions that will ultimately "wow" your customer's, catapult your business, and exponentially increase revenues.

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